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If your agency has an interest in hosting the annual IACTP National Training and Performance Conference, then please read the following conference planning information and contact the IACTP President to express your interest, ask questions, and discuss options. We look forward to working with you.

Encouraging Innovation and On-Going Staff Development
The information in the Conference Planning Guide is designed to familiarize groups interested in hosting or preparing to host a future International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) Conference, with the duties and responsibilities of doing so. It is important to read this document in its entirety in order to have a thorough knowledge of what is expected of the Local Host.

A successful conference is the result of mutual goals, teamwork, and a supportive spirit among everyone involved. The annual training and performance conference is one of the most important events the Association sponsors. We thank you for your agency’s interest in serving as a host and look forward to your active participation.

Hosting an IACTP Conference
Hosting an IACTP Conference can be rewarding and exciting experience for the Local Host. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn best practices from professionals on an international level, create networks for discussing common challenges and solutions, and share information and strategies which have been successful in your region. This is also an opportunity to showcase your community – from scenic views, cultural activities, sporting events, tourist attractions, and dining, nightlife, and shopping. Conference participants are eager to experience the area’s sites and attractions.

The Local Host Committee is responsible for a number of activities in advance and during the IACTP Conference. Months of planning and numerous meetings will occur and many hours of volunteer support will be needed to achieve a successful Conference. This is a great opportunity for persons to lead committees, while others will be asked to contribute to a team effort. In the tradition of community spirit, Local Host staff will be mobilized for a number of tasks. IACTP benefits enormously from the many local volunteers who offer their talents and resources to the Conference.

Each person who contributes to the Conference is sure to receive personal satisfaction as well--by accepting a new challenge, developing team-building skills, getting to know colleagues or building a stronger community spirit.  Together, as we achieve our goals, we edge a step closer to training excellence.

What the Local Host Agency Needs to Know
Conference Mechanics (i.e., hotel negotiations, menu planning, guarantees, brochure printing)
The IACTP Conference Site Coordinator is responsible for hotel negotiation, coordinating all hotel logistics to include menus for meals and breaks, lodging requirements, and workshop space.

Decisions made by the IACTP Site Coordinator are based on sound business principles, financial constraints, and/or IACTP policy. IACTP and the Site Coordinator invite and appreciate input from the Local Host Agency on the nuances of the host state and city. It is necessary that the Site Coordinator handle the mechanics and final arrangements for the official Conference functions. The Site Coordinator will be available to provide guidance during the planning of the Conference.

Local Host Agency's Responsibilities
The Local Host Agency's efforts, resources, and volunteers are united for one common purpose - to bring trainers together to achieve our mutual goals for the Association and correctional community. The Local Host Committee will be responsible for assisting with onsite registration, scheduling workshop moderators, security (as necessary), local transportation (as necessary), media relations, host city information, audiovisual equipment, photography, planning/coordinating social activities, and identifying/recruiting sponsors.  The Local Host Committee will work closely with the Program Chair and IACTP Association Services Manager to solicit local workshop presenters, local vendors, guest speakers, and local dignitaries to be invited. The Local Host is responsible for conducting planning committee meetings and promoting the Conference with other law enforcement, corrections, and higher education agencies. They are also responsible for providing a minimum of twenty (20) paid registrations for the Conference; those registrations can be internal from the host agency or from external partnering agencies such as prisons, jails, community corrections, and private corrections.

In addition to specific tasks, the Local Host supplies its own unique hospitality to conference participants. Obviously, the Local Host's input and suggestions regarding conference activities, facilities, and locations are strongly encouraged.

Program Development for the Conference (i.e. keynotes & workshops)
The Program Chair in concert with the Local Host will solicit potential guest speakers. The Local Host Committee will contact guest speakers for events requiring them (e.g. opening and closing sessions). The Local Host is encouraged to solicit and recommend workshop presenters to the Program Chair to ensure that workshops of local interest are presented  at the Conference. All workshop proposals must be submitted using the online portal on the IACTP website.

The Conference Chair (IACTP's Association Services Manager) along with the Program Chair will be responsible for the selection of workshop presenters and setting the conference agenda. No more than half the scheduled workshops shall be conducted by individuals from the hosting agency/agencies. This stipulation is to ensure diversity in training information, tools, and resources for attendees. The Conference Chair will coordinate the publication of the conference program book with the Local Host Committee.

Collection of Funds 
All conference funds and accounts are maintained by the IACTP Treasurer.  The IACTP Board of Directors has authorized funds for the Local Host for the following: conference program books, IACTP awards of excellence, and special presenters. The funding set aside for conference presenters shall be authorized by the Conference Chair and may be used to cover speaker fees, travel costs, and document preparation for facilitators not from the host agency/agencies.  Should the Local Host negotiate with local correctional industries or other organizations to obtain any of the funded items listed above as a donation or at a reduced rate, IACTP’s Executive Board will review said donation or fee reduction in exchange for a vendor booth if requested and/or if applicable.  Other expenditures the Local Host wants to make, that are not listed above as those funded by IACTP, are at the cost and discretion of the Local Host.  IACTP will not reimburse individuals or the local host for non-authorized expenses. 

Determination of Conference Registration Fees
The conference registration fee will be decided based on a number of factors such as the predicted expenses of the conference, registration fee history, and competitive rates among similar markets.  Final decision will be made by the IACTP Executive Board prior to the conference being announced and marketed on the IACTP website.

Signature of Hotel Contracts and other Contracts Related to Social Events
Contracts or agreements for the hotel contract must be signed by the Conference Site Coordinator or IACTP President. Other contract activities associated with the Conference must be co-signed by both the Site Coordinator and the IACTP Treasurer.

Final Guarantees on Functions such as Meals within the Hotel or with Social Events
The Conference Site Coordinator provides guarantees for all meals, attendance, or other obligations.

Receptions, Luncheons, and/or Meetings Conducted by the Local Host 
The Local Host is encouraged to conduct any training-related meetings or social events as part of the IACTP Conference. However, costs related to these functions, which are held for a particular group, as opposed to all conference attendees, are the responsibility of the group which produced said expense.

Conference Profile
Purpose: The IACTP Conference enhances individual and organization excellence by providing training and networking opportunities.

Date: September/October dates are preferred but the Association will work with the Local Host to select suitable dates.  

Attendance: Professionals from juvenile and adult criminal justice, community corrections, and higher education involved in training the criminal justice field. Attendance has varied from 50 – 175 depending on economic conditions and the location of the Conference.

Exhibits: Typical exhibitors represent the following areas: training programs, technology, curriculum development, and educational resources.  The Conference Chair (IACTP’s Association Services Manager) will be available to assist the Local Host with the coordination of vendor registrations, and the finalization of contracts.

Location: A downtown location is preferred; however, other locations may be considered. The hotel should be within a reasonable distance from the airport and within walking distance of restaurants and other types of entertainment (such as shopping, movies, etc.).

Example Conference Agenda (subject to change)

Day 1
IACTP Board Meeting (all day)                           
Board Luncheon                                       
Day 2
Pre-Conference Workshop(s)
Vendor Exhibits Set-up
Opening Evening Reception
Exhibits Open/Silent Auction Open

Day 3
Opening Session w/ Keynote Speaker
Exhibits Open
Concurrent Workshops (3 concurrent/1 block AM)
Awards Luncheon 
ConcurrentWorkshops (3 concurrent / 2 blocks PM)

Day 4
ConcurrentWorkshops (3 concurrent / 2 blocks AM)
Boxed Lunch for Participants; Board Meeting at noon 
Concurrent Workshops (3 concurrent / 2 blocks PM)
Silent Auction Closes (at end of workshops)
Exhibits Close

Day 5
ConcurrentWorkshops (3 concurrent / 1 block AM)
Brunch and Membership Meeting
Closing Session with guest speaker 

The Board will conduct its annual onsite meeting the day preceding the conference.  The Local Host Committee will have access to a reserved room and possibly the vending area on the day preceding the conference in order to begin necessary preparations.  Typically, a hospitality room is negotiated as part of the space available for the Board/Local Host Committee.  It is the responsibility of these individuals to comply with the hotel’s rules and manage noise levels and activities.  In the event a hotel staff member receives a complaint regarding the IACTP hospitality room, the Board reserves the right to discontinue use of it for the duration of the conference.  

Site Selection DecisionProcess
Application: Agencies or groups interested in hosting an IACTP Conference must work with the IACTP President and provide letter of commitment from the agency director/commissioner/administrator demonstrating support for the conference planning process as well as supporting staff to attend the conference. Local hosts are encouraged to seek letters of support from state, local, and federal agencies to be included with their letter of support.

 Role of IACTP Board Members
The Association Services Manager (ASM - Michael Jones) will serve as the Conference Chair on behalf of the Association.  In this capacity, the ASM will be the primary point of contact responsible for coordinating conference preparations by managing the planning ‘task list’and communicating with Board Members and the Local Host Committee.  

The Conference Site-Coordinator (Terry Satterfield) will be the sole point of contact to negotiate the conference contract, and finalize all activities from confirming available space for workshop rooms and exhibit areas and capacity of each, to sleeping room nights and food/beverage.  The host committee will need to contact Terry if information is needed as it pertains to the selected site.    

The President-Elect (PE – Trish Signor) will work with Michael to ensure the Call for Presentations is posted on the website, to include the review of proposals and final selection.   The PE will communicate with the selected workshop facilitator to confirm availability. Once the agenda is finalized, the PE will communicate with the local host program chair information and obtain information for inclusion within the conference program guide.  The local program chair shall assign workshops to available space, and include said locations within the program guide at the time of publication.

The Local Program Chair will be responsible for organizing the contents of the program and submitting it to the ASM and President for final approval.  The ASM/President/PE will provide guidance to the local program chair pertaining to required contents.  Once the local program chair has finished the development of the guide, it shall then be forwarded to the ASM who will  submit the approved document to the printer.  A timeframe within which to have a draft program submitted to IACTP shall be outlined within the Planning Task List with the program guide being submitted for print no less than 30 days prior to the conference.  The PE will serve as a liaison during this process to provide assistance to the local host.  

The Treasurer (Angie Newhouse) will work with the ASM to confirm funds received for new/renewing memberships, conference registrations, exhibitor fee payments and other items relating to the conference.  The treasurer will assist the local host committee’s Exhibitor/Vendor Chair in properly documenting/confirming receipt of payment, and providing the Local Program Chair with paid Exhibitors/Vendors advertisement material for inclusion in the program guide, while also sharing the same informationwith the ASM for inclusion on the Association’s webpage and with Joe Bouchard for inclusion within the quarterly journal (CT). 

The President (Jim Wiseman) shall select three members of the Executive Board to serve as the Awards Committee.  This group shall assist the ASM in creating the online solicitation/nomination process, reviewing submitted nominations and recommending award recipients to the President. In the event an agency submits a nomination, and a committee member is from said agency, the committee member will recuse him/herself from the review process of all nominations.  Notify the President in this situation so that another Board member can be assigned.   

Any other “committees” as so created by the Local Host Agency shall designate a chair and communicate activities through the ASM.  

While the ASM, President, PE, Conference Site Coordinator and Treasurer are very much involved in the planning process, any Board member is encouraged to assist.  

A Conference Planning TASK LIST has been prepared and is included with this document (*See secondary document Conference Planning Task List) for your use.  This document identifies specific tasks the planning committee will accomplish while preparing for the event.  Broken down into specific categories, the list is designed to highlight critical decision points, being sure to include those things that must minimally be completed. It has been an evolving and continuously updated document used over the past several conferences.  Teams have found it to be helpful in terms of assigning roles and responsibilities while organizing their work.  If utilized properly, this document will become a central component during planning meetings, and updated to track progress against the many identified tasks.  The Task List identifies the items within which funding is available to the Local Host committee, along with pre-determined deadlines for decisions the Local team can make to assist IACTP in its planning.  Conference Chair Michael Jones will be available to review and explain this document in more detail during the first on-site planning meeting in the host site city.  

For more detailedinformationcontact:
Email:                                                                                     Updated 8/13/18

Past IACTP Conferences
The first two conferences were held in Kentucky in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice Trainer’s Association (JJTA).   Eastern Kentucky University acted in a support role at the time. 

Conference Hotel/City/StateHistory

City, State
Holiday Inn
Knoxville, Tennessee
Holiday Inn
Albany, New York
Seattle, Washington
Delta Resort
Orlando, Florida
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Regal Riverfront
St. Louis, Missouri
PalmBeach Gardens, Florida

Long Beach, California
Hilton & Towers
Regal Riverfront
St. Louis, Missouri
Delray Beach Marriott
Delray Beach, Florida
Holiday InnSunSpreeResort
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Quincy/Boston Marriott
Boston, Massachusetts
Hilton NashvilleDowntown
Nashville, Tennessee
Double Tree Hotel
Buckhead/Atlanta, Georgia
Holiday InnCharleston
Charleston, WestVirginia
Fiesta Resort
Tempe, Arizona

Orlando, Florida
Embassy Suites
Boston, Massachusetts
Millennium Maxwell House
Nashville, Tennessee

Charleston, WV
Salt Lake City, Utah
Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale
Phoenix, Arizona

Quality Inn
Portland, Maine
Hyatt St Louis at the Arch
St. Louis, Missouri
Wyndham at Playhouse Square
Cleveland, Ohio
Millennium Maxwell House
Nashville, Tennessee

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