Upcoming IACTP Webinars


Train to Retain:  The Importance of Keeping Good Staff

Tuesday,  December 12, 2023

Time:  1:00-2:15 pm ET

Description:  Corrections agencies-adult, probation and parole and juvenile are working short staffed and at the same time, dealing with unprecedented challenges.   Special populations, mentally ill offenders, stress, cultural diversity issues and security problems mandate that our personnel receive the best training we can offer.  Training in corrections is constantly changing to meet these demands and must be effective enough to help retain the staff that we hire.   This webinar will explore how to get the best training, by developing trainers, presentation methods and curriculum.   The goal of this webinar is to breathe new innovative life into corrections training at both the recruit and in-service levels.

Presenter:  Lt. Gary F. Cornelius, Ret., Fairfax County, VA Office of the Sheriff, IACTP Board Member, corrections author and trainer.

Register Here:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IACTP-Dec2023


Artificial Intelligence & ChatGBT – PART 2

Tuesday,  December 19, 2023

Time:  2:00-3:15 pm ET

A continuation of Part 1 held in October.  We will continue the discussion of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGBT. The daily news is full of stories that are a little overwhelming and worrisome. This presentation will discuss the big picture and also share ideas on how training professionals can best utilize these tools.

Learning Objectives: By attending this session, attendees will be able to:

o   Discuss AI and ChatGPT.

o   Discovered AI and ChatGPT tools to help with curriculum design.

o   Discuss the pros and cons of using AI or ChatGPt.

Presenter: Regenia Graves, Regional Manager, GEO Group & IACTP Board Member

Register Here:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IACTP-Dec2023