Board of Directors



Trish Signor

Minnesota Department of Transportation


Elizabeth D. Kreger, M.A., CPM

Ohio Department of Education
Center for Teaching, Leading and Learning


Angie Newhouse

Maine Department of Health & Human Services


Mary O’Connor

The GEO Group
Florence West Correctional & Rehabilitation Facility (AZ)

Communications Director

Darryl Smith

Tennessee Department of Corrections (retired)

Training & Certifications Director

Terry Satterfield

Consultant – Leadership & Professional Development Training

Training Academy Director

Shelly Carson

Missouri Department of Corrections

Local Adult Corrections/Jails Director

Wesley Wagner

Licking County Sheriff’s Office

State Adult Corrections/Prisons Director

Stewart Baumgartner

North Dakota Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Federal Corrections Director

Jeffrey Hadnot

National Institute of Corrections

Community Corrections (Probation & Parole) Director

Adam Silberman

Maine Department of Corrections

International Corrections Director

Gary Hill

Cega Services

Juvenile Corrections Director

Niki Svik

Nebraska Administrative Office of Courts & Probation

Research & Development / Member Services Director

Robert Nelsen

Wyoming Department of Corrections (retired)

Private Prisons Director

Regenia Graves

The GEO Group

Higher Education Director

Dr. Penny Veit-Hetletved

North Dakota Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Healthcare/Mental Health Training

Amy Whitmore

Ohio Department of Youth Services

Administrative Services Manager

Michael A. Jones

IACTP Business Office

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IACTP Board Members Duties and Responsibilities
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