Board of Directors




Jim Wiseman

Missouri Department of Corrections (retired)



Trish Signor

Minnesota Department of Education



Angie Newhouse

Maine Department of Corrections



Mary O’Connor

Arizona Department of Corrections


Communications Director

Darryl Smith

Tennessee Department of Corrections


Training & Certifications Director

Dr. Don Gala

Consultant – Leadership & Professional Development Training
Commissioner, Correctional Trainer Certification Commission (CTCC)


Training Academy Director

Elizabeth Kreger

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


Local Adult Corrections/Jails Director

Wesley Wagner

Licking County Sheriff’s Office


State Adult Corrections/Prisons Director

Stewart Baumgartner

North Dakota Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation


Federal Corrections Director

Jeffrey Hadnot

National Institute of Corrections


Community Corrections (Probation & Parole) Director

René Smith

Maine Department of Corrections


International Corrections Director

Gary Hill

Cega Services


Juvenile Corrections Director

David Nelson

Missouri Department of Corrections


Research & Development / Member Services Director

Robert Nelsen

Wyoming Department of Corrections


Private Prisons Director

Regenia Graves

The GEO Group


Higher Education Director

Dr. Penny Veit-Hetletved

North Dakota Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation


Healthcare/Mental Health Training

Jim Eberlin, Jr.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


Administrative Services Manager

Michael A. Jones

IACTP Business Office


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IACTP Board Members Duties and Responsibilities
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