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Creating a Positive Training Environment Using Ice Breakers and Energizer

By Niki Svik Icebreakers and energizers are activities that can enhance your learners’ experiences. Both can be used to engage the learner either by making the environment more comfortable or infusing energy into class. However, icebreakers and energizers serve quite different purposes.   Icebreakers are interactive activities in which learners get to know each other. […]

The Twenty Minute Trainer: Every Day is a Training Day

classroom of adults

These are times of short staffing, mandatory overtime, and canceling training classes because correctional facilities cannot spare officers to attend classes. Not only do our people have to work shorthanded, do more with less and endure the stress of the job, but also train staff. Training is an ongoing process, every day in every facility. […]

2023 National Training and Performance Conference

Pre-Conference Workshop – The Learning Professional: Sept. 18-20, 2023 Conference: Sept. 21-22, 2023 Conference Location: Tullahoma, TN Future Trends: Training through Adversity, Planning for Tomorrow In 2023, IACTP, in partnership with the National Institute of Corrections and the Tennessee Department of Corrections, will hold an in-person conference to share ideas, collaborate with other industry professionals […]